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              The Aurora pattern was made by Hazel Atlas Glass in the early 1940s. This pattern is primarily a snack set pattern. Meaning that only a limited number of pieces were made for breakfast or lunch sets.

Pieces include a cereal bowl, deep bowl, milk pitcher, cake plate, tumbler and cup and saucer. There are no dinner pieces or serving pieces (other than the Aurora milk pitcher).

The pattern mainly consists of a horizontal optic ribbing with a concentric ridge at the tops or edges of pieces. Aurora is a simple pattern and it's charm is mainly from the commonly found cobalt blue (or, Ritz Blue) color glass.

Although pieces are found in green and pink occasionally, the blue is the most sought after and brings the highest price. Crystal sets can also be assembled and are the most reasonable in price.

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Aurora Tumbler

Prices are fairly stable and generally stay in the under $20 range, with the milk pitcher one of the most expensive. Demand for this pattern is not very high since there is such a limited number of pieces found.

The Tumbler above is often confused with Hazel Atlas Optic tumblers. The official aurora tumbler has the concentric rings at the top edge. (see picture)

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Aurora Pattern Hazel Atlas Glass
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