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              Hazel Atlas produced this depression glass pattern in the mid-1930s under the name of Cloverleaf. The major pattern has a band of three-leaf clovers encircling each piece. A variation was made which included random four leaf clovers, and can be found on a cereal bowl, a cup and saucer only. The 4-leaf clover variant is more difficult to find, and subsequently commands about twice the price of the three-leaf pattern.
Hazel Atlas Royal Lace Pitcher
There were three different styles of depression glass tumblers, above is the 5 3/4" footed tumbler in the Hazel Atlas yellow.  In addition, ther is a 4" flat tumbler with a straight rim and a 4" flat tumbler with a flared rim. Green is the predominantly sought after color, however the pink is usually much harder to find.

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Royal Lace Dinner Plate
Hazel Atlas Glass Cloverleaf

A great addition to any depression glass collection is the beautifully intricate Hazel Atlas cloverleaf cup and saucer. The above variety is the standard 3-leaf clover pattern. Cup and saucer sets can easily be found in the $12-$15 range.

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Cloverleaf Depression Glass
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