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Welch's Bottle

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              This bottle is found in many places without the label, and until a few years ago, it was unknown what the bottle contained. A few of these bottles were found with labels intact revealing the story behind the mystery.

The interesting part of the history of this bottle is that the Welch's Grape company was anti-alcohol and the founder was a staunch supporter of prohibition. The Welch's company was formed with the intention of supplying wholesome grape juice for the public and as a substitute for wine in communion, wedding and social ceremonies. When the Welch's company was taken over by the Grape Co-Op in 1954, this bottle appeared on the market with the label and used the Welch's name. The Wine was produced in these bottles in 1954 and 1955 only. A controversy over using the good Welchs name for an alcoholic product forced the Grape Co-Op to stop producing the wine under the Welch's name, and subsequently Hazel Atlas Glass lost the contract.

So far, a white bottle with black, blue, green or red and a burgundy bottle with black are the only known color schemes. Although the bottle itself is not extremely valuable ($5-$8), the attached label is what constitutes the large part of it's value and desire.

Any color scheme on a white bottle will sell for $75 to $80, while the burgundy has reached as much as $120. These bottles will also be found on occasion as a lamp, a popular fad in the 1970's was to turn glass items into candle holders and lamps. Note the lamps are not an original production of the Hazel Atlas Glass company. All bottles are marked on the bottom with the Hazel Atlas mark.

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Rare Welchs Wine Bottle with Label

Above is the '4/5 quart' bottle in the 'Midnite Magic' pattern with complete label. All the bottles were finished with a solid background color and a drizzling alternate color. The burgundy bottle is the only one that came in the half-gallon size and is extrememly rare with a label.

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Welch's Wine Bottle Hazel Atlas
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