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This section should cover all the necessary questions you may have in using our site.
    I lost my password 
                   Passwords are kept on file at our server, if you lose your password, email us. 
                   We will only send the password to your registered email. 

    Can I share my password with others? 

                   NO! Your password is for your use only, We use scripting programs to track all members 
                   and visitors to our site. If someone else uses your password we will track it, and we will 
                   suspend your privilege permanently without notice. 

    Why is my password not working? 

                    There may be several reasons for this, you must use all lowercase letters when entering your 
                    password and username. Your membership may have expired, please check the date in your 
                    member email from us. Or, you have been suspended for a violation of our terms of use. If you are having problems with your password or usename, please email us.

    How do I go to another section? 
                   The navigation bars at the top of the page will send you to your destination automatically. 
                   Here is how it works: 

                            At the top of every page is the following pair of drop down menus 
                             Use your mouse to select a main Category in the first menu box 
                              When you click, the second menu box will change sub-categories 
                             Now, Click the sub-category you want, and you will go to that page 

      Important:   If you click the back button, you may notice that the sub-categories do not appear, 
      you only need to click on a different main category to reset the navigation menu, then click the 
      Main category you desire. 
    How do I find something specific? 
               Presently, we do not use a search engine on site, go to the area in the navigation bar that seems 
               most reasonable for what you are looking for. If you still need help, contact us. 
    When will my membership expire? 

              If you purchased an annual membership, your membership will expire 365 days from the date 
              you first accessed our site. Lifetime memberships will never expire. 

    When should I renew my annual Membership? 

              You can renew at any time and an additional year is added to the original end date of your first 
               membership. We suggest renewing 2 weeks before your expiration so as not to interrupt your 
               service. A reminder will be sent one week before your membership expires. 

    Are discount memberships available? 

               YES! Discount memberships are available for all Schools, Universities, Colleges, non-profit 
               organizations and Government entities. (specifically .org, .edu & .gov entities, although other 
               organizations may be eligible for discounts, send us an email). If you feel you may qualify for 
               a Member discount, email us to find out if you are eligible. 
               We also have a referral program: For every person that joins and uses your email as a referral, 
               we will deduct $1 off your next annual membership (up to $15) This program restarts every year. 
               So if you know 15 people that might want to join, tell them about us! You could get a free 

    I like a picture can I 'borrow' it? 
               No! Not without our written permission. The photographs and text on all the pages are our property and  are copyright protected. We have watermark and scripting technology to prevent theft of our images 
               and ask that you comply. If you are found stealing our images, we will suspend your membership and 
               may institute legal action. 

    The picture is not loading, What should I do? 

               First, click refresh or reload on your browser, you may want to hold down the shift key while clicking 
               refresh as this will force a reload of the page. If that does not work, Some of our images may be down 
               for maintenance or technical problems, you can check later or email us and we will check our servers. 

    Can I submit pictures of items you do not have listed? 
               Yes, Feel free to submit any comments, questions or pictures of items you do not see. We also are 
               interested in building a more complete site, so if you have something of interest let us know, and we 
               will gladly give you credit for it! Remember, your suggestions and comments are always welcome. 

Contact & Info 
    How can I contact you? 

               You may contact us by email

    Can I link to your site? 

               Of Course! Feel free to add our link to your site, Remember, we have a member referral service, 
               you can earn a free annual membership just for sending your friends and visitors to us! (see discount  
               memberships above) You can now use the Links page for more info. Webmasters can get a free membership and get listed in our member directory!

    I need help not located here 

               Send us an email with exactly what you need help with. We are always glad to answer any questions or assist our members.

Terms of Use 

By Using our site you agree to the following terms: 

  • All Pictures, text and information is the Property of hazelatlasglass.com and Jon Stein, Publisher and you may not copy, reproduce, print or disseminate in any way the photo's, text, prices, descriptions or any part of this site without our express written permission. Members caught stealing photo's will be suspended without warning and may face prosecution for violation of Copyright laws. You may reference this site by incorporation (i.e. 'according to the hazelatlas site...')
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  • We do not guarantee any information on this site and you will hold us harmless for any damages you may incur by use of this site. 
  • You agree not to interfere in any way with the operation of our site and any attempts to hack, infiltrate or interfere with our servers or site will result in suspension and possible prosecution.
  • We reserve the right to change, modify or deactivate your user name and/or password at anytime that it may become necessary and you will be notified within 24 hours of any such change, modification or deactivation.
  • Your Information:
  • We gather information about you when you register and when you access our site by the use of cookies, inquiries or surveys, and you agree that this information becomes our property, and that we will not disseminate any personal information you supply us to any outside source.
  • All Information we gather is kept strictly confidential and is never released to anyone, your private information is kept secure and never made available to anyone outside of the hazelatlasglass.com administration.
  • We reserve the right to update these terms at any time as it may become necessary, and will inform all members of updates within 24 hours.
If you have any questions concerning the terms of use, please contact us. 
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