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Aurora  (Green, Pink, Blue, Clear) 
The Aurora pattern was sold only as a breakfast set, because of the limited amount of pieces, there is not a large amount of collectors and dealers looking for this pattern. Therefore the prices are fairly reasonable and stable. This is one pattern I do not see displayed often at shows, probably because the demand and supply are both limited. Pay attention to the tumbler in this pattern as it is often confused for the more commonly seen Optic tumbler.  (If I only had a dollar for every time I was offered the Optic tumbler as an Aurora tumbler!)

Although limited in pieces, Breakfast sets were a common Hazel Atlas production line. 
To the left is a 6 1/2" plate, while the cup and saucer are shown on the right.
The 4 1/2" Milk Pitcher is often confused as a creamer. It was sold as a Milk pitcher. Although it does not hold much liquid (about 10 oz.), it was a standard item in Hazel Atlas breakfast sets.
Blue is the predominant color, although you will occasionally find pieces in pink, green and crystal.
Here is a shot of the 2 tumblers which seems to cause a lot of confusion with novice dealers and collectors. On the left is the official Aurora tumbler, and on the right is an Optic tumbler. Note the Optic does NOT have the flared rim with ring at the top. The ribs on the Aurora tumbler are on the exterior, while they are on the interior of the Optic line. Also the Optic has the same fower-like pattern on the underside, just like the moderntone. 
I was offered 20 of the look-a-like tumblers from a dealer who insisted they were Aurora, and with my dealer discount, she only wanted $15 each! 
These Optic tumblers actually sell in the $10-$12 range.
Two bowls are found in Aurora, a 4 1/2" deep bowl and the standard 5 1/2" cereal bowl. This cereal is not difficult to find, (actually, it is quite common) but watch for rim nicks.
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